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Chiunque non abbia ancora visto la pellicola dovrebbe farlo e, anche dopo quest'informazione, il colpo d'occhio non sarà inferiore. Nel film dal titolo Sopravvissuto — The Martiandiretto dal regista Ridley Scott e ritenuto uno dei film più promettenti di questa stagione cinematografica, si racconta la storia, futuristica, di un astronauta che, a causa di un errore del gruppo con il quale sta conducendo delle indagini sul suolo di Marte, resta da solo, sul Pianeta Rosso, mentre tutti sulla Terra lo ritengono inesorabilmente morto. La sua lotta con la sopravvivenza non sarà solo di resistenza, ma soprattutto di pura applicazione ed ingegno, al punto da metterlo in condizioni di riuscire a far crescere patate per potersi nutrire su un pianeta dove, geologicamente, è impossibile possa venire fuori qualcosa dal terreno.

As I am to understand there seems to be mixed messages this movement is to either to make major reduction in police budgets or to completely dismantle police departments. This may be the most dangerous things we could ever do to our society. Here in Colorado the last thing we need to do is to add to response time in emergency and critical situations. We have very remote and hard to get to areas. This puts every person in Colorado in danger.

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I am of the opinion that it is more important to add more funds to the police departments. The departments need more money for body cams and car cams. They also need more funding for safer less-than-lethal weapons. More money needs to be put into training officers to de-escalate a situation other than using force in all situations.

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What is My View on the 2nd Amendment? It is very clear that our right to keep and bear arms is a right bestowed upon us by the United States Constitution. The state of Colorado has been depending on guns since it was settled. To this day Coloradans in all political parties have guns in their homes and businesses.

Danny Skelly

Colorado has a long tradition of hunting embedded in its culture. Our farmers and ranchers need guns to protect themselves because of remote location, long police response time due to location and wildlife threatening their livelihood and cattle.

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Every American deserves the right to protect themselves from criminals, wild animals and a tyrannical over reaching government. Small businesses are the driving force of our economy. They are your friends and neighbors.

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They are what makes our country great. They are capitalism by definition. They classify a business of 1, employees or less a small business.

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Any small business owner like myself knows that is a very big business. The actual small business community needs access to liquidity much more than these large businesses.

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Current conditions with Covid shutdowns have proven this. Companies such as my own that have never asked for government were left out is despicable. I will give tax breaks and incentives to small business owners and people that take the risk to provide products and services to their community.

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I believe the 1st amendment gives everyone in this country has the right to assemble peacefully and protest anything they would like. When this becomes a problem is when protesters block public streets.

Protesters can apply for permits so traffic can be re routed so people can still live their lives and get perdere peso tr work and emergency vehicles to get where they need to go.

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It becomes even a bigger problem when they stop businesses from their ability to open and make money. Even worse when they spray paint or vandalize private or public property. Another issue happens when they take over American soil and claim it as their own.

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The message is sopravvissuto a una perdita di peso and not heard when things get violent and destructive. It is becomes counter productive at that point.