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He falls in love with the town and gains a great deal of acceptance within the tightly knit community. Cooper displays an array of quirky, sometimes almost childlike mannerisms, such as giving a "thumbs up" when satisfied, sage-like sayings shelly johnson perdita di peso inspired by his fascination with Tibetand a distinctive sense of humor, along with his love for cherry pie and "a damn fine cup of coffee".

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One of his most popular habits shelly johnson perdita di peso recording messages containing everyday observations and abstract thoughts on his current case to a mysterious woman called "Diane" revealed to be his secretary at the Bureau in the tie-in book The Autobiography of F. His investigative techniques go far beyond the FBI's usual ones, including intuitive exercises and analysis of his cla favorisce la perdita di grasso. He becomes deeply involved with the inhabitants of Twin Peaks, and remains in town after the resolution of the Laura Palmer case, especially once his nemesis and former partner Windom Earle starts menacing the town in order to exploit its supernatural properties.

He is also an original member of the Blue Rose Task Force and byis the only member who has not disappeared under mysterious circumstances. Rosenfield's abrasive and mocking personality alienates the Twin Peaks sheriff's department relatively quickly; he compares Andy to a dog and repeatedly insults Sheriff Harry S.

Truman to the point where Truman punches him. He also fights with Doc Hayward and harshly disparages the local police and medical facilities, showing respect only to his FBI colleagues, at least at first.

He warms up to the townsfolk as the series progresses, going so far as to hug Truman when returning to the town to help with their hunt for Windom Earle, but does not lose his sharp and sardonic manner.

A later appearance, and another conflict with Truman, lead to an emotional moment where Rosenfield exposes a pacifist nature seemingly at odds with his acerbic surface personato the sheriff's shock.

He also appears briefly in The Autobiography of F. It is implied that this is Dale Cooper 's and his first meeting. He later discloses to Cole that he was apparently contacted by Jeffries, which resulted in the death of an agent stationed in Colombia. Albert, along with Cole, also convinces Diane Evans, Cooper's former secretary, to speak to the doppelgänger, after which Diane confirms the incarcerated man is not the real Cooper.

Albert later takes part in the investigation of an apparent double homicide, also in South Dakota, after a headless corpse bearing Garland Briggs's fingerprints is found with the severed head of high-school librarian Ruth Davenport. During the investigation, Albert begins to form a relationship with Constance Talbot, the local police department's coroner.

Desmond is introduced to his new partner, Special Agent Sam Stanley, and receives coded clues in the form of Lil the Dancer. Desmond and Stanley then begin their investigation by driving to a rural town called Deer Meadow.

A few days into the investigation, Desmond mysteriously disappears after picking up a ring later seen to be shelly johnson perdita di peso by the Man from Another Place. Desmond is briefly mentioned in the series, where he is revealed to have been one of the original members of the Blue Rose Task Force, alongside Cooper, Phillip Jeffries, and Albert Rosenfield. Gordon Cole mentions that he cracked the Whitman case.

He is portrayed as being somewhat stiff and inflexible, in contrast to the laid-back demeanor of Desmond; at one point Desmond shelly johnson perdita di peso to make Stanley spill coffee on himself when he asks what time it is noticing that Stanley is holding his cup with his watch hand.

Stanley was mentioned in the series pilot, during the scene in which Agent Cooper is examining Laura Palmer's body. He speaks into his dictaphone: "Give this to Albert and his team; don't go to Sam; Albert seems to have a little more on the ball.

He mentions names and incidents that are unfamiliar to those listening. His words are illustrated by the intrusion of a ghost transmission showing a small group of characters, including The Man From Another Place and BOBin a series of strange rooms.

An unseen individual identifying as him assigns Ray Monroe to kill Cooper's doppelgänger. Albert Rosenfield also informs Cole that he was contacted by an individual claiming to be Jeffries, which led to the killing of an agent stationed in Colombia.

Cole later re-experiences Jeffries' sudden reappearance in a dream and remembers Jeffries' comment about Cooper, implying that Cooper may have been an imposter.

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With the death of Bowie, Jeffries is depicted as a grey orb right by a giant steaming kettle in a room above the convenience store. Cooper's doppelganger approached it, after receiving info on his whereabouts from Ray Monroe.

He is very hard of hearing wearing large hearing aids and thus speaks very loudly. He often misunderstands what is said to him and replies with comically inappropriate responses. Cole's coded messages sometimes baffle even his closest colleagues.

The conversation continues as normal, with the issue remaining unsolved. Shelly, being ignored by her boyfriend Bobby Briggs at the time, is shocked yet pleased by his attention, and upon his imminent departure they share a kiss, to the chagrin of Bobby, who happens to show up at that moment.

Cole uses a coded languagein the attire and gestures of Lil the Dancerto inform the agents of what to expect in their investigation.

The series reveals that "blue rose" refers to the Blue Rose Task Force, which investigates cases, particularly those involving apparent doppelgängers, that cannot be explained by rational means.

Cole and Phillip Jeffries investigated the first "blue rose" case, where a woman was killed by another woman who looked exactly like her, and uttered the phrase before her body disappeared. ByCole has become the FBI Deputy Director, and obtains improved hearing aids, resulting in fewer instances of him misunderstanding others.

Lynch sentendo quelle parole, corse sul posto e decise di riprendere la scena. David Lynch chiese a Frank Silva di comparire in una breve panoramica della stanza della ragazza, in cui si sarebbe dovuto intravedere nascosto ai piedi del letto.

When at their maximum volume, Cole is able to speak quietly and hold private conversations, although he only occasionally raises the volume of the hearing aids as loud noises hurt his ears.

The three agents later take part in another case in South Dakota when a headless corpse found in the area is found to have Garland Briggs's fingerprints. Bryson began wearing women's clothing during a DEA undercover operation and found that it relaxed her. Bryson changed her name to Denise for the purpose of the operation, and retained it afterwards, finding it comfortable.

I segreti di Twin Peaks

Cooper quickly determines that the Mountie accusing him is himself involved in perdere tempo grasso corporeo dealing with Jean Renault and Hank Jennings.

This leads to the standoff at Dead Dog Farmin which Bryson uses her feminine side to effect the rescue of Agent Cooper. It is implied that Bryson's presence in the agency made other agents uncomfortable, but they were berated by Gordon Cole, something Bryson remains grateful to Cole for.

Bryson also comes to fully embrace a female identity. Following the arrest of Cooper's doppelgänger, Bryson approves Gordon Cole's investigation into the matter, although she questions Cole bringing along Tamara Preston. She makes her first physical appearance in the series, played by Chrysta Bell. Preston joins Cole and Albert Rosenfield into their investigation of Dale Cooper's apparent reappearance after his doppelgänger is arrested in South Dakota.

During the investigation, she discovers that one of the doppelgänger's fingerprints is a reverse of the real Cooper's print.

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Afterward, Preston takes part in investigating an apparent double homicide in South Dakota where the severed head of librarian Ruth Davenport is found with a headless body bearing Garland Briggs's fingerprints, and interrogates murder suspect William Hastings. She is featured in the original series as an unseen characterreceiving recordings addressed to her from Cooper that he creates during his investigations.


Diane makes her first physical appearance in the series, played by Laura Dern. She travels to South Dakota at the behest of Gordon Cole to speak to Cooper's doppelgänger after his arrest, and confirms that the doppelgänger is not the real Cooper.

However, Diane is later shown to be corresponding with the doppelgänger, leaving her true loyalties unclear. Cole and Rosenfield learn of Diane's correspondence, but choose to keep her close, and have her deputized during the investigation.

Ultimately, it is revealed that the Diane participating in the investigation is a tulpa of the real Diane, who was created by the doppelgänger.

On the doppelgänger's orders, she attempts to kill the FBI team, but is gunned down by Rosenfield and Preston. Her body promptly disappears after her death and her spirit is destroyed in the Black Lodge. The fate of the real Diane is unknown, although the tulpa says that she was raped by the doppelgänger and taken to the convenience store where supernatural entities converge. The tulpa also says that Diane is the estranged half-sister of Janey-E Jones, who married the decoy Cooper replaces in his return to the shelly johnson perdita di peso realm.

The real Diane Evans is revealed to be trapped in the body of Naido in Part Harry is in love with the fragile Josie Packardand is also one of the Bookhouse Boys.

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