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Nationality American Reba is the main protagonist of the series. She is played by Reba McEntire and appears in every episode. A fiery redhead who has a bullying, confrontational, sarcastic personality, Reba tries to take control of every situation, which more often than not makes problems worse before they get better. Nevertheless, she is very warm and loving towards her three children and while initially hostile to Brock and Barbra Jean, she grows to forgive them throughout the series.

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It is mentioned that she developed a problem with authority during her childhood when she speaks to Brock's therapist, but had a very loving family growing up. In the first season, she is struggling to save her twenty-year marriage to Brock before she learns in a therapy session he is divorcing her to marry his pregnant girlfriend, Barbra Jean.

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In the same session, she also learns that her oldest child, year-old Cheyenne, is also pregnant by her boyfriend, Van. She allows Van and Cheyenne to get married and move in with her, while her other children, Kyra and Jake, also stay with her. She initially refuses to be around Barbra Jean unless absolutely necessary and is equally hostile to Brock, though this begins to change after their divorce is finalized, Brock and Barbra Jean marry, and have their son, Henry.

A short time later at high school graduation, Cheyenne goes into labor and gives birth to a daughter, Elizabeth, in the hospital. In the second season, Reba continues to move on from her divorce, even getting a boyfriend for a brief period, selling off her engagement ring, and accepting a job from Brock in his dental office.

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She later quits this job to work for Brock's arch-rival, Eugene, and helps Van and Cheyenne with parenthood and college come ha fatto reba mcentire a perdere peso. Reba also becomes more reflective, after attending an old boyfriend's funeral with Brock, she debates whether or not she made the right choice by marrying him at all. She also drew up a will after a near-death experience.

A bombshell is dropped when Kyra, who had become increasingly distant when she spent more time with Brock and Barbra Jean due to all the attention Cheyenne and Van were drawing from Reba, plans to move in with them into their new house just four doors down from Reba's.

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In the third season, Reba struggles to move on after Kyra's departure, even trying to permanently avoid Brock and Barbra Jean, before she reconciles with Kyra. However, Kyra's move strained their relationship and is at the forefront of several episodes; Reba even agreed to spy on Kyra at Barbra Jean's assistance. Things move from Kyra to Brock when he tells Reba he intends to sell his dental practice to play pro-golf, a decision that enrages both Reba and Barbra Jean, but one that Brock insists is because he is not happy with his life.

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Fearing he will have another mid-life crisis, Reba develops empathy for Barbra Jean and opens up to Brock about her feelings after the divorce. Meanwhile, Reba tries to help Cheyenne pick a major, and when she picks dentistry, Reba is initially unsupportive, but agrees to support Cheyenne after she insists she can do it. In the fourth season, Reba mediates between Brock and Barbra Jean, and while tensions are running high, Barbra Jean kicks Brock out of the house.

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This allows Reba to develop more empathy for Brock, and in several episodes, she relates how he is going through the same pain she did during their separation. Brock uses this to suggest that she still has romantic feelings for him, which is supported by his therapist.

To make things easier for Barbra Jean, Reba finally urges Brock to make a decision between playing pro golf and his dental practice-he chooses the latter to spend more time with Barbra Jean and Henry. Reba, convinced that Brock is finally changing for the better, begins to become more cordial to him.

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After Van suffers an injury that ends his career as a professional football player, Reba encourages him to find another bruciagrassi nigeria job. After losing her own job in the dental office for calling her boss "a monkey's butt," she pursues a career in real estate and hires Van as her assistant.

Jealous that he is a natural in the business, she insists he do boring work until he is better suited for the more important jobs. When she is inspecting Van's wardrobe, she discovers a bottle of alcohol in the closet-subsequently learning that Cheyenne had become an alcoholic. In the fifth season, Reba and the rest of the family try to help Cheyenne overcome her addiction and also work out her new partnership with Van. She is shocked to learn that Van no longer believed in God following his injury and demonstrates her more caring side when she asks their church's minister to help Van work out his problems, as well as when she allows a family devastated by Hurricane Katrina to stay with them.

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Because of the situation, Brock and Barbra Jean are prepared to lose their home, so Reba and Van decide to buy it and rent it out to them. Meanwhile, Reba also suffers health problems, in one episode she gets laser eye surgery because of her poor vision, and she collapses at Van and Cheyenne's second wedding because of high blood pressure. In the sixth season, it is revealed that Come ha fatto reba mcentire a perdere peso is still jealous of Barbra Jean, especially after Barbra Jean successfully lost weight.

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Reba starts to eat healthier so she will not become "the chubby friend. She also encourages Van to accept a job offer from a more prominent real estate agent, which he reluctantly accepts.

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She is overjoyed to learn from Van that Cheyenne is pregnant again and helps her with family planning-which unfortunately for Reba includes Van, Cheyenne, and Elizabeth moving into another house. When Reba covers for Brock who had lied to Barbra Jean when he said he would be out of townBrock and Barbra Jean decide to file for divorce.

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Kyra decides to move back in because she wants to spend her last year before college with Reba, but she and Kyra have trouble re-adjusting to each other due to Reba's stricter house rules. After Kyra considers several colleges, she decides to put her education on hold to go on tour with her band, a decision that enrages Reba initially but she later supports. In the series finale, Van and Cheyenne move back into Reba's house after a small fire at their own.

Reba helps Brock and Barbra Jean work out their problems and they decide to stay married, Van and Cheyenne move back into their new home, and Reba says she has finally forgiven Barbra Jean for being the other woman in her marriage to Brock. She notes that she is happy being single before the theme song plays at the end of the episode. Brock Enroll Hart[ edit ].

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